The Washington Times - April 18, 2009, 10:52PM

Here are some numbers to ponder:





In the three games after the sellout on Opening Day this season, those are the attendance figures.

Now, I rarely write about attendance until close to the All-Star break. It’s generally unfair to make judgements based on a few games in April, when the weather is often questionable, the kids aren’t out of school and people are still distracted by the NHL and the NBA.

But 19 and change? Eek.

I understand the Caps were playing. I understand the Marlins don’t get people excited. I understand all the bad feeling about the team stemming from everything ranging from a lack of winning to Jim Bowden’s resignation to rent payments to anger over the look of the new Screech.

But it was 80 degrees and sunny out there today, and there was a giveaway.

On Thursday, the weather was great and the defending champion Phillies were in town.

It’s the second year of the new ballpark, a very pleasant place to watch a game. A seat can be had for $5 or $10.

Nationals President Stan Kasten has often said: “We’ll get the attendance we deserve.”

But I’m pretty sure they’ve deserved better than this so far.