The Washington Times - January 28, 2009, 12:16PM

In a survey of 400 people in each of 17 markets, credit card company Visa asked, “Will you be having friends and family over to your home to watch the Super Bowl?” and “How much, in total, do you estimate you will spend on food, beverages and other items?”

The survey said 71 percent of Washingtonians will host a party, tops among the 17 surveyed markets. The average person in Washington will spend $159, ranking them 13th among respondents. (The national average was $172.) So in other words, people are having parties but aren’t going too crazy.


There are two very important things, however, to note about this survey: It was taken back in August before the NFL season began, and Visa did not interview anyone from the Phoenix market or anywhere in Arizona.

Springfield, Ill., San Antonio, Orlando and Vermont got surveyed, but the home of the NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals did not.

For the record, folks in Pittsburgh were surveyed. They finished second behind Washington in the “are you hosting a party” question at 70 percent, and ninth in the “how much will you spend question” with $171.

It’s intriguing that Washington was #1 on the list at the start of the season, but we can only speculate as to the reasons why. Furthermore, without an updated survey, we can only guess how many people will actually be holding a Super Bowl party this Sunday.