The Washington Times - September 13, 2009, 12:50AM

Most sportswriters know that in order to make deadline, you often have to get creative. If it’s 11:30 and your deadline is midnight but the sporting event you’re covering isn’t over, you kind of have to guess as to how things might play out, write a story, and hope you’re correct. Tie games make things tough. Unexpected turnarounds are also tough.

And when the world’s best tennis player is called for a foot fault and is then called for a code violation on match point, and it happens right when you’re supposed to be filing your story, that’s really, really hard. 


 But whatever. To sum up, here’s what happened Saturday at the end of the Serena Williams-Kim Clijsters match.

-Serving at 5-6 and 15-30, Williams was called for a foot fault on her second serve.

-Television replays were inconclusive as to whether Williams’ foot actually crossed the line, but she was apoplectic. She yelled at the lineswoman and pointed her racquet. Then the lineswoman approached the chair umpire to complain about what Williams said to her. 

-Williams was assessed a code violation for unsportsmanlike conduct. Under normal circumstances, that would mean a warning. But she was assessed a point penalty because she had already been warned for slamming her racquet to the ground after losing the first set. 

-Because the foot fault made it 15-40, the code violation meant the game, the set and the match. 

-It’s still unclear what Williams actually said. TV broadcasts seemed to indicate the lineswoman complained that Williams had threatened her life. 

“I think she said I would kill you, and I was like, what?” Williams said. “I was like wait a minute. But then I had misheard. She had never said that. So that was just something—I was like, whoa. Because I was like, wait a minute…i’m not that way.”

Anyway, here’s the deal for tomorrow:

Nadal vs. Del potro, men’s semifinal, 12 noon ESPN2

Federer vs. Djokovic, men’s semifinal, 4:30 p.m. CBS

Wozniack vs. Clijsters, women’s final, 9 p.m. ESPN2