The Washington Times - September 25, 2009, 03:38PM

For the second year in a row, the Washington Nationals are lowering ticket prices for home game and have reduced the number of the most pricey seats at Nationals Park.

The majority of fans will not see a change in prices, but the team said season tickets for 2010 will be cheaper for about 2,000 seats at Nationals Park, and all non-premium seats will at least remain the same price as 2009. Another thousand outfield seats will be less expensive under half-season and 22-game plans, and some premium seats will be 50 percent less costly due to the carving out of newly labeled sections behind home plate.


Fans could save $2 per ticket on a half or 22-game plan in the lower right field terrace (sections 222-236) where tickets will be $15 instead of $17.

The former Leftfield Box, Leftfield Reserve and RF Reserved have been combined to form the “Outfield Reserve” section, where tickets can be had for $20 a piece if you buy a full season package. The former Leftfield Box seats were $25 last year.

It’s also now possible to by partial season ticket plans for seats that were once only available on a full-season or single-game basis. Seats in the 1st and 3rd Base Club can now be had for $50 per game for a half-season plan.

In addition, the Nationals have carved out portions of the premium seating areas of the ballpark to create new sections with different pricing.

The new Home Plate Box, which had been part of the Lexus Presidents seats, will offer seats for $150 each for a full season. The seats include one parking pass for every four tickets and access to the PNC Diamond Club. Also, some PNC Diamond seats have been sectioned off to create the Home Plate Reserved section, which will offer seats for $75 per game for the season. Fans who buy tickets in those sections will be paying 50 percent less than if they had bought those same seats last year.

The remaining Lexus Presidents seasons will still be $300 a pop per game.

It’s worth noting that all Upper Outfield Gallery seats will be $10 each per game.

Here’s the full breakdown of season ticket prices for the 2010 season, broken down as full/half/22-game.

Lexus Presidents Seats $300 (full season only)   
Home Plate Box(NEW)  $150 (full season only)
PNC Diamond Seats $150/$160/$165   
Home Plate Reserved $75 (full season only)  
Home/Visitor Dugout Box  $60 (full season only)      
Home/Visitor Infield Box  $50 (full season only)      
LF/RF Baseline Box   $45 (full season only)  
LF/RF Baseline Reserved  $40/ $42/$44    
LF/RF Corner    $30/$32/$34   
Outfield Reserved (NEW)  $20/$21/ $22     
Center Field Reserved   $30/$32/$34   
Center Field Lounge $50/$52/$54   
Club Level 
Infield Club    $55  (full season only)  
1st and 3rd Base Club   $45/$50  (no 22-game plans)

Mezzanine Level
LF/RF Mezzanine   $25/$27/$29  
Scoreboard Pavilion   $18/$19/$20 
Terrace Level
Lower Right Field Terrace  $15/$15/$15  
Upper Right Field Terrace  $10/$10/$10  
Gallery Level
Infield Gallery    $20/$21/$22  
Outfield Gallery   $15/$16/$17  
Upper Gallery Level  
Upper Infield Gallery   $15/$16/$17   
Upper Outfield Gallery   $10/$10/$10  
Grandstand $5 (single tickets available day of game only.)