The Washington Times - June 30, 2008, 02:15PM

Between the Web and morning news shows, most of you have probably heard of Ian Usher, the Australian man who auctioned his life — complete with his house, job and friends — on eBay. Well, the auction closed Sunday with a winning bid of about $384,000. And Mr. Usher, apparently, isn’t pleased.

“The price was a bit lower perhaps than I expected, but this has all been about making a clean break and moving on, so that’s what I intend to do,” Mr. Usher wrote in a post on his site,

After a bad breakup with his wife, Mr. Usher put his life up for sale in hopes of achieving a fresh start. He did not disclose the buyer’s identity.

So what’s next for the man who has now sold his home and all its contents, car, motorcycle, jet ski, skydiving gear as well as introductions to his friends and a trial period at his job?

“This is the challenge I have set for myself … ACHIEVE 100 GOALS IN 100 WEEKS!!” he wrote on his site.

Right now, he only has 90 goals, so he invites visitors to submit ideas to his new site,

Among the goals listed: Sell my life, learn to fly plane, climb Statue of Liberty, meet Richard Branson, learn to play mouth organ, swim with a “10m plus whale shark” and “gather 5 Ian Ushers in one place.”

Kara Rowland, technology reporter, The Washington Times