The Washington Times - November 1, 2007, 03:40PM
Webroot Software, Inc., a leading provider of Internet security software for the consumer, enterprise and SMB markets, today urged Internet users to use caution when searching online for information on presidential candidates. Webroot has detected links to malicious software downloads from spoofed presidential candidate websites.\ “With campaigning in full swing for the 2008 presidential election, we are beginning to see an increase in spoofing right now. Internet users need to think about protection and good habits when surfing online for candidate information or donating,” said Mike Irwin, COO, Webroot Software. “Because cyber criminals are targeting the most heavily trafficked websites, voters seeking candidate information have to use caution when visiting these sites. Do not download applications such as screensavers or videos unless you know they are coming from a trusted source. Voters need to realize that this type of behavior will make them more susceptible to an attack from hackers.”\ \ Most users will encounter these fraudulent web sites when conducting a search using popular search engines. They will either unknowingly select a wrong URL from a list returned from a search, or have a slight misspelling of a name that will lead to one of these spoofed sites. These sites are designed to appear as legitimate candidate web pages and lure visitors to click on links, donate or download screensavers or videos. Once clicked, the links can then download a variety of spyware. One popular version is a Trojan horse known as Zlob that can then deploy unauthorized spyware to provide remote access to a computer for spamming attacks, to capture keystrokes, steal passwords or take over a users’ identity.
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