The Washington Times - November 1, 2007, 12:12PM
Counter-terrorism sources at DEBKAfile have reported that followers of Osama bin Laden will launch a major electronic Jihad against the West. A coordinated attack against 15 anti-Muslim targets is expected to begin on November 11th in order to test their abilities and skills for such an attack. Previous planned attacks by Cyber-Jihadists have been quickly dismissed because of the presumed lack of technological expertise. However the mass distribution of “Electronic Jihad” software and it’s “point and click” user interface now has the ability to cause problems.\ \ \ Secure Computing Corporation believes that the new Electronic Jihad Version 2.0 software has the potential to wreak havoc among sites that may be targeted. Secure has a screen shot that has been translated into English that shows how easy it is to configure attacks. Additionally, the version of the software adds detail and intelligent coordination capabilities, providing focus for the attacks to make them much more effective. It may get even scarier if the Jihadists implement Web 2.0 style attacks further down the road.
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