The Washington Times - November 10, 2008, 03:46PM

I still feel like a jerk — but I may not be alone. After today’s “On Computers” column about e-mail “phishing,” a phony message designed to elicit confidential information from you for dubious (if not criminal) purposes, a posting of the story on Facebook got a variety of responses:

From one friend: “Don’t feel so bad…I’ve been “hooked,” too…and I worked in security! lol”


Another writes, “Good article Mark….these days anyone and I do mean anyone can get suckered…I won’t tell you what my husband and I got suckered into…but let’s just say that won’t happen again ;) “

And my lontime tech industry buddy Roger Matus wrote, “I have almost been cuaght, too. And I blog about email use and abuse! (Death By Email blog:”

Yep, I’m not alone. But don’t you dangle from the end of a line: watch your e-mail, and get as much security protection as you can afford.