The Washington Times - April 26, 2010, 11:15PM

Looks like New York’s social set (usually attached to liberals) are tiring of President Barack Obama. Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, criticized the Obama administration tonight on FNC’s Hannity, telling guest host Tucker Carlson her concerns regarding the administration’s policies. 





TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): How do you think this president is doing?

IVANKA TRUMP: I’m fearful for my children and their children and the just massive amounts of debt that is piling up and that somebody will to have to reconcile, so I am very frightened by that.

TRUMP: I think there are some things that are being done well, but I was not a fan of how the health care reform process was handled, and I hope that that’s not an example of how reform is going to be handled going forward. So I’m not overly supportive.

CARLSON: Here’s what I don’t get. He had the support from an awful lot of rich people…a majority of people making over 200 grand a year…

TRUMP: He’s alienating a lot of his initial supporters

CARLSON: But he also said he’s doing things he said he was going to do. SO all those folks on Wall Street…Money people who sent contributions to Obama, bundled for him, what were they thinking?

TRUMP: It’s a good question. I think he’s taken a less moderate approach than most people thought, and I think its not uncommon for you to hear things on the campaign trail and not necessarily think they’ll be executed during one of the great recessions of the last one hundred years. I think some of the timing of some of these initiatives…At the end of the day, the American people want to hear about jobs. They want to hear how they can get their job back, and how their child, when they graduated from university will get their first job. And that has to be the priority. I think the administration is starting to realize that and their tone is changing ,but I just take issue with the constant rhetoric that’s anti – business and anti – the employers that are creating the jobs and driving our economy.

CARLSON: Do you hear people say that? Do you have friends…affluent friends who supported Obama who are now looking back in horror in what they did?

TRUMP: I feel like there is a lot of fanning of flames and appealing to the lowest common denominator in jumping on this populist anti – Wall Street band wagon. I just don’t think it’s productive…

CARLSON: On the part of the administration.

TRUMP: On the part of the administration and on the people who sort of opine and agree.