The Washington Times - April 4, 2010, 09:13AM

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Pajamas Media Zombie has put together a collection of photos from the March 27 tea party in Searchlight, Nevada and compared the event to a March 20 left wing protest in Los Angeles. While the Los Angeles group wandered around with anti-semitic signs, media and liberal Democrat officials only found reason to attack the Search Light group and their speaker former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. California Democratic Comgresswoman Jane Harman among others, though, find it fitting to attack those who oppose the health care legislation as terrorists.  At the goading of Meet the press host David Gregory, she said on Sunday (2:30 in):

“Let’s understand law enforcement does a wonderful job keeping this country safe. Without the women and men of law enforcement who kept our Capitol safe during the protests on health care, I think we’d be in much worse trouble. But the point is not all terror groups are Muslim groups and not all of them are Al Qaeda related. This is a global problem and domestically we have a growing problem of home grown terrorism not just from Muslims.”

Apparently, Ms. Harman, who helped put forth ‘‘Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007” wants to ignore some of the left wing activists who paraded around her home state recently with anti - semitic signs , pro - terror propaganda, and  9/11 Truthers in tow. Ms. Harman’s reaction to the tea party is unsurprising. After all, she only teaches classes to her fellow liberals on how to “talk” tough about terrorism while ignoring the problem completely.

Check out some of the images from both groups and see that Rep. Harman and others have chosen to ignore.  (click here for more images from Los Angeles event):

Searchlight, Nevada - March 27, 2010 (Tea Party rally)



Los Angeles, California - March 20, 2010 (ANSWER protest)