The Washington Times - January 1, 2010, 03:33PM

The Washington Times Opinion section presented the New Years day page with predictions of 2010 headlines we considered both likely and unlikely. We would like to thank our readers for helping us compile a great list. Special thanks goes to those on the Water Cooler, TwitterRed State, and Free Republic. Below are a few other 2010 “headlines” which did not make our print edition due to space but bear mentioning. Contributors of the 2010 headlines include the Washington Times Opinion staff, Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, staff at CEI, and staff at Newsbusters.:

Welfare mortgage legislation repealed 


Local ACLU plants crosses in front of City Hall 

Gitmo remains open, larger facility built nearby 

Winter 2009 coldest on record 

SCOTUS: foreign terrorists not due same rights as Americans 

Israel strikes Iranian nuclear facilities 

Estate tax repealed 

Neutrality neutralized: Net bill dead in the water 

Climate scandal: More emails emerge, more records faked 

In “hard pivot,” Obama fires Geithner, Summers; appoints Forbes to Treasury