The Washington Times - January 19, 2010, 06:06PM

The Martha Coakley campaign has put out a release claiming ballots already marked with Scott Brown’s name are being handed out. Before the Coakley camp released this information, I visited a polling precinct at 1pm today located at the Alexander Hamilton School in Brighton and the precinct warden told me about a similar circumstance, but he attributed it to voter error not a dirty campaign tactic.:



AUDIO - “Down here somebody received a ballot that had already been filled out, but it was a mistake. Somebody dropped their ballot on the check in table, and they picked it up, and it was already filled in. The secretary of state’s office called us and the Coakley campaign called … complained that somebody called and complained that they received a ballot already filled in, but that was just a voter mistake. They threw it on the wrong table and they left it in and they didn’t even put it through the scanners.”


The Washington Times contacted the Coakley campaign for further information and is waiting on a response.


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