The Washington Times - July 13, 2010, 02:48PM


Kate Moss must be eating more these days. The Daily Mail reported Monday that the model summoned enough upper-body strength in recent days to break a standard-sized, wooden tambourine while dancing maniacally on-stage during a fundraising event for the Hoping Foundation, a group that purports to raise money for Palestinian children. 


“It was meant to be a sombre event to raise money for the children of Palestine, but the Hoping Foundation Charity bash looked more like a rock concert once Kate Moss stumbled on stage,” reads the lede of the Daily Sycophant - er, Mail - story about the Kiddington Hall event in Oxfordshire.

Other luminaries present at the event for the dubious charity included various members of Pink Floyd, Kills guitarist Jamie Hince and Welsh-born “She’s a Lady” crooner Tom Jones, who has produced little to nothing of musical consequence in the past four decades.

This washed-up group of individuals managed somehow to not only draw a crowd, but to raise tens of thousands of pounds for the Hoping Foundation, an organization whose ties to Hamas and al-Qaeda should have most certainly disqualified it from being the honoree of a charity event. (Someone actually paid 5,000 pounds for Moss’s broken tambourine.)

The Hoping Foundation is a wildly anti-Israel group that funds various “arts” programs for children in Palestinian refugee camps throughout the West Bank and Gaza. These camps include  Nahr Al-Bared, Ein Al-Hilweh and Burj Al-Barajneh, all known centers of Hamas and al-Qaeda activity. The children’s programs - funded by leftist faux do-gooders like Ms. Moss and the rest of her long-culturally-irrelevant charity posse - are run by Hamas members.