The Washington Times - July 9, 2010, 08:40AM

Guest post by Ryan T. Lees


“Progressive.”  That sounds nice, “Progressive.”  

This is a fantastic label.  It invokes snuggly thoughts of a marshmallow world.  It connotes glorious advancement and movement; a path that leads to a promised future, endeavor or destination.

 And it is the accepted and incessantly communicated euphemism for liberal. A good question is whether it is an honest match.

 Google progressive and it is a close call for the Libs.  The top three results are car insurance.  The fourth gets closer with social justice and finally the fifth result is a Wikipedia entry on “Progressivism.”  It then returns to insurance.

 The wiki definition is “a political attitude favoring or advocating reform or change.”  Did the Obama campaign write that?  It sounds awfully familiar and even refers to helping disadvantaged children and women, how nice.

 To get a more objective definition, unedited by Progressives, I turned to Webster.  In their ranking, the top few were obtuse definitions, such as something “characterized by progress.”   

 Interestingly, ranked above any reference to political party, were two negative definitions of progressive.  They read:

 “4 a: increasing in extent or severity <a progressive disease> <a progressive tax>.” 

 While clearly not a literal reference, the aforementioned definition that exudes negativity is far more accurate than the wiki definition.

 As liberals are exposed by their failed policies that spread like a disease, they attempt to shroud themselves in a progressive veil.  Many editors, contributors and analysts are noticing that the same policies that served Liberals as hallmarks of their political platforms, have flushed Europe down the proverbial toilet.

 As the United Kingdom, Greece, France, Spain and Germany begin a reversal of the policies that bankrupted and imploded their systems, Liberals have no other platform to stand on.  Their traditional policies, based on entitlement and government spending, are branded Liberal, so now they must be Progressive in order to preserve the policies that keep them in power.

This is not the usual wordplay: not a “man-caused disaster” or an “overseas contingency plan.”  It is much more nefarious.

It is an expression of their arrogance and their assertion of your ineptitude.  Similar to when Nancy Pelosi dictates that you can read the 2,000 plus page bill after it is passed; when President Obama dubs the Town Hall attendees and Tea Party Patriots as “mobs” and refers to the Pennsylvania bumpkins as those who “cling to their guns or religion.”  And when Congress and Obama enact legislation that 60 percent of the public rejects. 

 As they canonize themselves, what are they saying about you, the Conservative or the non-progressive?

They are calling you stagnant and backward.  They imply that you are of no consequence and have no business thinking critically, acknowledging government’s failure or warning about dangerously increasing entitlements and debt.  The name implies that any opponent is selfish and inhumane.  The name accuses you of being backwoods and unworldly.  These must sound familiar. 

In so many words, Obama has expressed these same sentiments.  Whether he was in Strasburg or Cairo, DC, San Francisco or Ohio, he has apologized for us and chastised us: the uneducated, un-progressive segment of the American public.

You see, the Progressive screen not only obscures the Liberal identity, but it perverts the Conservative’s; damning them, while deifying themselves.

Returning to Wikipedia, the authors try to distance Progressives from “radical socialism.”  Not socialism, but the “radical” variety.  I am not quite sure what that means.  You either have socialism, or not.  The government runs and owns your life, or not.  You are a slave, or not.

Call it what it is.  When faced with a socialist movement, stand in the streets and scream about it.  When faced with a president who looks down on you, tell him it is your constitutional power to look down on him.  When the Speaker attempts to shield a bill, grab the text out of her hand.  When the government is growing and attempting to enslave you, go out and take back your Liberty.

And when Liberals declare themselves Progressives, first ask them why they would counter policies that empirically created such power and wealth, and then before they answer, say it for them: “Because by whatever name, you are a Socialist.” 


Ryan Lees is the Director of Media Outreach and a Program Coordinator at the Patrick Henry Center.