The Washington Times - December 18, 2012, 06:06PM

“Congressman Gary Peters demonstrated what citizens hate most about politics: The revolving door that disregards tax dollars in order to reward supporters,” declares Matt Frendewey, communications director for the Michigan Republican Party.

He explains the baroque circumstances: the state GOP is incensed by news that Rep. Peters, a Democrat serving Michigan’s 9th District, has hired Kandia Milton, former chief of staff of former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.


“Milton was convicted of taking bribes, as part of a federal public corruption investigation involving the ‘Kilpatrick Enterprise.’ Kilpatrick, his father and long time friend Bobby Ferguson are currently in federal court facing a range of public corruption charges,” Mr. Frendewey says.

“Kandia Milton was convicted of a felony for accepting more than $20,000 in bribe money while on the city payroll. And, just as shameful, Peters admits that this hire is purely based on Milton volunteering on his political campaign,” he continues. “This isn’t about second tries or rehabilitation, this is about poor judgment and abusing tax dollars by rewarding political supporters.”

He has a prediction, too.

“Is Congressman Gary Peters the next Kwame Kilpatrick? The verdict is still out, but Peters’ behavior demonstrates a serious lack of judgment and a continued pattern of corruption by Michigan Democratic leaders,” Mr. Frendewey concludes.