The Washington Times - December 22, 2012, 11:47AM

For every season, there is a petition. And for Christmas time — when the hallowed halls of Congress are empty and the lawmakers gone home — comes “No Christmas for Congress,” from the Agenda Report:

“Dear Senators and Congresspeople:


“Unlike many Americans, you have a job. Your job is to run the country. That job currently includes negotiating a deal to avoid the ‘fiscal cliff.’

“While you don’t seem particularly capable of doing your job in the best of circumstances, you certainly cannot do it if you are drinking toddies and singing carols ‘round the tree.

“Therefore, as American citizens and taxpayers, we demand you work through the Christmas holidays. That way, if we can’t get a deal in our Christmas stocking, then at least we will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are miserable.

“You may have one hour off on Christmas Day to call your mothers and apologize for being so inept.”

The Agenda Project is, incidentally, a Washington-based organization that seeks to “return normal Americans to the center of the policy debate by cultivating an understanding of public policy” using business principles and lots of insistent outreach. The group has launched their petition through, a branch of, incidentally.

Find their petition here.