The Washington Times - December 30, 2012, 04:07PM

There’s already a bumper sticker out there that says “Is it 2016 yet?” Pollsters are wondering that as well.

A new CNN/ORC survey released Sunday reveals that Rep. Paul Ryan tops the list of possible White House contenders four years from now among Republicans, with 75 percent saying they’d support the House Budget Committee chairman in the race. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was in second place, with 59 percent.


Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida garnered 58 percent while 51percent of the GOPers said they’d support Jeb Bush. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who’s publicly said he’s considering a run, had the approval of 48 percent of respondents, as did former Sen. Rick Santorum.

The poll of 290 Republicans and 290 Democrats was conducted Dec. 17-18.

And what about those Democrats? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton led that roster, earning the nod from 85 percent of Democratic respondents. Another 66 percent supported Vice President Joe Biden, 56 percent favored New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, 52 percent Sen.-elect Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, 41 percent Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and 37 percent say they would support outgoing Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer.

CNN points out that the poll, which offered respondents six choices for president from each party, did not include such Republicans as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman. Among Democrats, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia were not on the list either.

“Considering the race that is some two years from starting, the results are influenced mostly by name recognition,” says CNN political editor Paul Steinhauser.