The Washington Times - November 4, 2012, 12:52AM

*Updated Monday Nov.5, 2012

Former adviser to former President Bill Ciinton Dick Morris wrote recently that President Barack Obama is receiving political backlash from Hurricane Sandy:


Natural disasters usually follow the same political trajectory: First the incumbent experiences a bounce as he tours the impacted area, shows his concern, and pledges help to his beleaguered constituents. But then reality sets in and the shortages, delays, mishaps, deaths, and devastation becomes apparent and people turn against the incumbent.

George W. Bush had his Katrina.

And now Barack Obama has his Sandy.

Last week, Obama asserted a kind of ownership of the storm by touring New Jersey in the now infamous embrace of Republican stalwart Governor Chris Christie. Now that we are all appalled by the lack of food, gas, water, heat, and the basic essentials of life throughout the storm zone, Obama’s government doesn’t look so good anymore.

Why didn’t FEMA stockpile food, water, and gasoline? We had a week’s notice to prepare for Sandy. There was no shortage of time. Did the government not realize that people needed to eat, drink, and drive?

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Fox News Channel’s  “America’s Newsroom on Monday, “The response since the time the president got all this praise and credit and press ops has been abysmal.” He then added,  “FEMA is as much a failure now as at the time of Katrina.”: 

Mayor Giuliani reamed President Obama on the FEMA response saying:

“It’s quite obvious they didn’t pre-plan for water, they didn’t pre-plan for the generators, they didn’t pre-plan for the gasoline. The president is getting all this credit so early, and maybe the first day or two he was paying attention, but the minute he got his credit, the minute he got his pat on his back, we had the same situation as we had in Benghazi. He loses focus. He goes back to being campaigner-in-chief rather than commander-in-chief.”

During the presidential election of 2008, then candidate Barack Obama attacked President George W. Bush for the administration’s response to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. “We can talk about a trust that was broken. The promise that our government will be prepared—will protect us and will respond to catastrophe,” he said.

“But we also know that broken promises did not start when a storm hit. They did not end there. When President Bush came down to Jackson Square two weeks after the storm, the setting was spectacular,” Obama told the New Orleans audience. “…and his promises soaring. ‘We will do what it takes,’ he said. ‘We will take as long as it takes to help citizens rebuild their communities and their lives.’ But over two years later, those words have been caught in a tangle of half measures…half hearted leadership and red tape”

Following the recent devastation of Hurricane Sandy left in its path in New York and New Jersey, President Obama is now the one making “soaring promises” “after the storm.” :

There’s nothing more important than us getting this right.  And we’re going to spend as much time, effort and energy as necessary to make sure that all the people in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut know that the entire country is behind them in this difficult recovery effort.  We are going to put not just 100 percent, but 120 percent behind making sure that they get the resources they need to rebuild and recover.

Why should Americans trust him now when he promised four years ago that country’s unemployment would be lower and our economy would stronger. If anything, for all of his promises, the nation’s circumstances are worse.