The Washington Times - April 18, 2013, 11:23AM

Best and worst lists are a mainstay of contemporary journalism. The latest installment is from Time, which has named the 100 most influential “titans,” artists, leaders, icons and pioneers on the planet.

Amazingly enough, National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre is among the leaders named by the mainstream media magazine. And more amazing, his description was written by none other than Ted Nugent, gun rights guy and he-man rocker.


“In the embarrassing culture war of politically correct denial that runs amok today, there is an American warrior, a common man who represents common sense and self-evident truth, and he is Wayne LaPierre. On behalf of the millions of American families who still believe in God-given, constitutionally guaranteed individual rights, Wayne stands firm against the insidious tsunami of dangerous anticonstitutional furor that would further infringe on our sacred Second Amendment,” Mr. Nugent wrote.

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“Wayne is a sledgehammer for truth, logic and freedom. He is cut from the same cloth as our forefathers who stood on Concord bridge and risked all to give birth to a truly free, independent America. Wayne’s voice is the modern shot heard round the world,” Mr. Nugent concludes.

SPECIAL COVERAGE: Second Amendment & Gun Control

See the complete Time list here:

SPECIAL COVERAGE: Second Amendment & Gun Control