The Washington Times - April 9, 2013, 02:50PM

The 2014 campaign is getting ugly and fast, in the grim aftermath of a security breach that pits Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell against Mother Jones magazine, which managed to get access to the senator’s private campaign conversations and publish them on Tuesday.

“Secret recordings, private conversations leaked, reports of bugs - these Watergate-era tactics have no place in our campaigns,” declares Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas, and chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.


“I am glad to read Sen. McConnell’s campaign is working with the Department of Justice and the FBI to find answers, but as the investigation continues, I am calling upon the Democratic National Committee, the DSCC, Kentucky Democratic State Party and left-leaning 501(C)(3) and (4) organizations like Mother Jones, Think Progress, American Bridge, Organizing For Action, and any other relevant political organizations to state for the record that they had nothing to do with these illegal acts, denounce them, and make clear they have no place in our political debate,” Mr. Moran says.

“This weekend we saw Sen. Menendez, who is currently under FBI investigation and Senate ethics investigation, solicit funds for Senator Shaheen. In Kentucky, a Democrat SuperPAC first sunk so low as to make racist attacks against Senator McConnell’s wife, and now there is another FBI investigation into leaked tapes and bugging,” the lawmaker continues.

“This ‘anything to win: laws and rules be damned’ mentality has to stop. I hope that Leaders Reid and Schumer will join me in condemning these tactics,” Mr. Moran says.