The Washington Times - December 28, 2013, 05:00PM

Move over Moon Unit and Rainbow Aurora. In a world of complex or celebrity-inspired baby names, parents have rediscovered the appeal of Isaiah and Judith.

“Who wouldn’t like to go back to old traditions at some point?” asks, a website that helps expectant mothers and fathers navigate the myriad name choices for their offspring.


“After a few years of innovations and experimenting, parents are restoring old customs to regain the essence of religious values - welcome Isaac and Naomi. Biblical names are nothing new under the sun. Names like Jacob, Michael or Noah have been scoring the highest popularity ranks for years,” the name scholars advise.

“But the surge of other, previously less frequent Biblical names is about to hit in 2014: “Caleb, Levi, Luke, Isaiah, Naomi, Shiloh, or Judith,” they note.

There’s no Deuteronomy on the organization’s vast group of biblical suggestions - well, not yet anyway. Parents also don’t seem to be inspired by any political names. The ancient gods come into play, however.

“The trend of going back to Biblical names is complemented by parents going even further in history, choosing names from mythology with mystique and exotic uniqueness,” BabyNames advises. Among the up and coming favorites: Luna, Camilla, Gaia, Tristan, Damon, or Thor.

Unusual and “borderline eccentric” spellings with traditional pronunciations are also vogue: Izak, Karder, Riyan, Kooper, Mykel, Emhily, BrookeLynn, or Meeya.

And naturally, showbiz plays a part. Yes, Isabella, Aria and Addison have had their moments recently, all inspired by TV shows. BabyNames predicts that 2014 favorites will be Hayley and Camille from the vampire-themed “The Originals”, Piper from “Orange Is the New Black”, plus Ichabod and Katrina from “Sleepy Hollow”.

Hispanic names are going beyond Latino families, the group says, citing an incoming population trend.

“The main reason seems to be the expectation that their children will assimilate more easily in the society, where Latino culture might prevail later on in their lives,” they advise.

“They might not appear among the first 10 most popular names in the US, but there’s no doubt their popularity will expand within the next decade. Hence names such as Lola, Maria, Carmen, Sierra, Ernesto, Diego, Santos, Miguel, or Luis are likely to soar.” bases its predictions on a “Belly Ballot” of current name choices among 3,500 new or expectant mothers and fathers, plus a name popularity poll of some 25,000 additional respondents.