The Washington Times - February 3, 2013, 03:49PM

Uncle Sam is an uninvited guest at the Super Bowl, declares Americans for Tax Reform, which has calculated how much government taxes and fees have increased cost of some Super Bowl favorites in recent days.Among the tax “penalties”:Almost a third of the cost soda of plain old soda comes from taxes and fees, or a full 28 percent.

There’s also 31 percent increase in drinks purchased in bars and taverns, a 33 percent increase on wine, 44 percent on beer and 56 percent on spirits.


“Perhaps you’re one of the 17 million purchasing team apparel and accessories? Taxes and tariffs are going to run up the cost of your new jersey by 46 percent,” the tax watchdog group says.

It get complicated, though.

“The National Chicken Council estimates 1.23 billion chicken wings will be eaten on Sunday, a number that is actually 12.3 million fewer than the previous Super Bowl. Why? Thank Big Brother again,” the group adds.

“Corn prices are driven skyward by the costly and destructive federal ethanol mandate, also known as theRenewable Fuel Standard. During last year’s drought this ate up the country’s corn crop and drove up prices, leaving little for chicken farmers.”