The Washington Times - February 5, 2013, 07:19PM

Well, that was quick.

Jonathan Bucari, an independent filmmaker based in New York, has already begun fundraising for “Illness,” a feature movie based around the Newtown shootings, centering on a troubled 13-year old boy and his family following the massacre.


Mr. Bucari has also scouted Ridgefield, a town some 20 miles from the site of the massacre, as a possible setting for his project. He has already garnered much curiosity from both the national and global press.

The Hollywood Reporter is in on it. So is the Huffington Post, Salon, The Daily Mail and multiple news organizations in Israel, India and other nations.

Interest is keen and quite succinct at the local level.

Allison Stockel, executive director of a local theater in Ridgefield and the town’s official film commissioner, has already received multiple calls from angry residents about the film, according to Ridgefield Patch, an online news group.

“There’s a process. We have many questions. Will they need to shut down traffic? Shoot in a private home? Involve local businesses? But more importantly, if it’s about Newtown, people here don’t want a film on this, now or ever,” she says.