The Washington Times - March 5, 2013, 02:13PM

Are we talking media macaws here? The broadcast networks were only too happy to repeat and amplify the “dishonest, over-the-top fear-mongering perpetrated by the Obama administration” as the federal spending cuts eased into effect.

So says the Media Research Center, which reviewed all 88 sequestration stories that ran on ABC, CBS and NBC during the two-week period between February 14 and March 1 - the day the dreaded cuts came alive - to find that 66 percent of the reports “advanced the most hysterical Obama administration talking points without any hint of skepticism.”


Yes, well.

The analysis cited several examples. ABC World News reporter David Kerley, for example, likened the cuts to a “disaster movie.” NBC “Today” correspondent Peter Alexander claimed the budget cuts would eliminate “meals for needy seniors” and deprive children of necessary vaccines.

“There is a reason that public confidence in the news media is down to 6 percent,” observers Brent Bozell, director of the watchdog research group.

“Like squawking parrots, ABC, CBS, and NBC mindlessly repeated the administration’s phony, over-hyped doomsday talking points during the two weeks leading up to sequestration. They are beyond shame and are fully devoted to pushing Obama’s message no matter how preposterous it is.”