The Washington Times - May 17, 2013, 09:46AM

Yankee Candle introduced a bacon-scented candle for men this week, to much applause and wonder from those convinced that the genre was limited to girly florals and vanilla. But wait.

There could be some constructive use for such a candle in the male-dominated bastions of the nation’s capital. Would the parties stop their fussing if the comforting, savory scent of bacon was in the air? Maybe.


“Certainly, I’d love if our new ‘MMM, Bacon!’ candle can help ease the tension between Congress and the White House” Yankee Candle CEO Harlan Kent tells Watercooler.”Everyone loves bacon. It’s a unifying scent that brings people together, regardless of their political affiliations. How can you not be happy when bacon’s involved?”

Indeed. And it will also add another dimension to Capitol Hill’s long time reputation as a “sausage factory.”