The Washington Times - May 2, 2013, 11:42AM

The party of Gary Johnson has weighed in on a complex and dangerous matter: Libertarians are not happy with circumstances surrounding the April 15 terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon.

“Regardless of the severity of the crime, upholding individual rights is paramount. We call for ensuring that all criminal suspects, including alleged terrorists, are Mirandized and offered the right to an attorney before questioning. We also call for ensuring that all such interrogations be, without exception, properly monitored and videotaped,” says Geoffrey J. Neale, chairman of the Libertarian National Committee.


“We are further troubled by reports of martial law tactics, including the alleged orders issued by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick for residents to stay inside their homes and for stores to stay closed. Visiting homes to inquire of suspect sightings or politely requesting that residents stay off the streets - without any threat of force - is a reasonable measure,” Mr. Neale continues.

“However, threatening force in any way is a breach of our constitutional rights and is unacceptable. Going forward, we call for laws that impose criminal penalties on any government official who oversteps his or her authority or who in any way diminishes our constitutional protections,” he concludes.

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