The Washington Times - October 24, 2013, 10:01AM

The 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination is a month off. Still, 290 items of Kennedy memorabilia go up on the auction block at noon Thursday.

They include three pickets from a fence that stood on the infamous “grassy knoll” site in Dallas, plus the very window that Lee Harvey Oswald took aim from when he shot the president. The glass-encased artifact is deemed “the controversial and extremely historically important Texas School Book Depository sixth-floor corner window; by RR Auction, which has organized the sale.


Also up for bid: Oswald’s wedding ring and his official Dallas Police Department mugshot, nightclub owner Jack Ruby’s jaunty hat he wore when he shot Oswald, plus many personal items of the slain president. They include an unsmoked La Azora cigar still in a cellophane wrapper, his personal rosary, a lock of hair once collected by a barber and even a limousine from the White House motorpool.

The bulletproof, black 1960 Continental Mark V6 limo has beige leather interior and “a very uncommon two-way telephone in the back seat” the auction house says.

And about that plain gold wedding ring. The auctioneer notes:

“One of the most significant and personal items connected with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy - Lee Harvey Oswald’s gold wedding band. The gold band, with two stamps and one divot on the inside, was purchased in a jewelry store in Minsk before his marriage to Marina Prusakova on April 30, 1961. The stamps inside the band include one stamp with a star and ‘P583,’ which is the metric equivalent of 14k in the United States, with the center of the star bearing a very small hammer and sickle stamp, and a ‘P101.’ According to Marina Oswald, he left the ring on a night table next to her bed at Ruth Paine’s house in Irving, Texas, on November 22, 1963, the day of the Kennedy assassination.”

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