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A sign at the south entrance to Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz., indicates the park is closed on Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013.  More than 400 national parks are closed as Congress remains deadlocked over federal government funding.  (AP Photo/Brian Skoloff)

Cost of the shutdown in national parks: $76 million per day

Money and public interest lost in the nation’s great parks due to the federal shutdown? The 900-member Coalition of National Park Service Retirees is on it. The group compared current numbers and revenues with those from a year ago, to reveal the mind-boggling amount lost daily.

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POLL: Potholes and cockroaches more popular than Congress

How low can Congress go? Alas, voters have a more favorable opinion of the IRS, jury duty, hipsters, potholes, cockroaches, mothers-in-law, toenail fungus, public radio fund raising drives, motor vehicle departments, hemorrhoids and even “dog poop” than they do of Congress.