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The call of 2016: Ted Cruz and Rand Paul both in Iowa

One Texas Republican is in Iowa this very moment. That would be Sen. Ted Cruz, who has already arrived in Des Moines to host a sold-out summer picnic for the Iowa GOP. Also in the city: Sen. Rand Paul. Both will appear at the American Renewal Project conference.

They like him now: 'frat boy' now missing from the media narrative on George W. Bush

It has to do with wise civility, perhaps, and some fabulous strategery. Former President George W. Bush, deemed either a “frat boy” or war monger by an unfriendly press for years, has re-emerged on the public radar, earning a growing number of positive reviews and rising approval ratings on par or even besting President Obama’s numbers.

Rick Perry in the White House? It's not impossible, some say.

He's a wily showman. Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced Monday he would not seek re-election in an event that was more campaign appearance than sentimental farewell. Mr. Perry left both press and public with a Lone Star-sized cliffhanger. Mr. Perry did not reveal whether he planned a repeat run for the White House, but the pundits, pollsters and oddsmakers await his decision.