The Washington Times - February 22, 2009, 02:30PM




Welcome to the Middle … of America.

Some might say that small town residents are stuck in the middle of America.  I say the middle of America is a nice place to be stuck.

Some can’t imagine a world without Starbucks. Neither can we. That’s why we have a coffeehouse that serves up caffeinated brews from all over the world — without long lines and nonsense labels. Venti mochachino? Please!

Need to finish that research paper? Step into our new library, where high-speed Internet access runs amok and our maverick of a librarian can get you any book you need — even if it’s not on any of her shelves.

The dog days of summer don’t wear us down: The local pool provides watery recreation and socializing as cool and refreshing as any urban oasis.

And “small town” doesn’t mean “small-minded.” We have liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, atheists and churchgoers — all intermingling and exchanging ideas and points of view, just like big city folk. But here we really get to know each other.

I’m Stacie Porterfield in the Middle of America, and I like being “stuck” here just fine.