The Washington Times - February 24, 2009, 03:26PM

    State Senator Matt McCoy (D) had many rural Iowans all wound up a couple weeks ago, this one included, when he stated that he wants to propose legislation that will forcibly close any school in the state whose enrollment is under 750 students.
    Last time I checked, we all still maintained the right to live a life of our choosing be it city or country, socialized or isolated.
 Or do we?
McCoy cites monetary “inefficiency” as his reasoning for mass herding er… I mean consolidation of our rural schools. 
    I actually have a solution.  Some cities in Iowa (yes, I said cities in Iowa) have steadily growing districts and cannot handle their capacity. Instead of busing our rural students to larger districts and spending money on expanding their already rupturing rooms, why not bus the urban students into the rural districts?
    Not what you want for your family? Not your choice of a lifestyle? Seem somehow “wrong” that your lifestyle choice be dictated for you like this?
    Yeah, seems wrong to us country folk, too.