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The top 10 books on Apple's iBooks-US

- Associated Press

iBook charts for week ending November 12, 2017 (Rank, Book Title by Author Name, ISBN, Publisher ):

Facebook investment in New Mexico data center tops $1B

Associated Press

Facebook is going much bigger with an under-construction data center in New Mexico, announcing plans Tuesday to build another four buildings and boost its total investment to more than $1 billion.

Driverless car lanes among options studied for Foxconn plant

Associated Press

As regional leaders prepare for challenges that will result from the massive Foxconn plant in southeastern Wisconsin, the possibility of driverless vehicles is being studied as one way to deal with traffic issues.

FILE - This Oct. 14, 2015, file photo, shows the U.S. Food & Drug Administration campus in Silver Spring, Md. On Monday, Nov. 13, 2017, the FDA approved the first drug in the United States with a digital ingestion tracking system, in an unprecedented move to ensure that patients with mental illness take the medicine prescribed for them. The drug Abilify MyCite was developed by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

US regulators approve first digital pill to track patients

- Associated Press

U.S. regulators have approved the first drug with a sensor that alerts doctors when the medication has been taken, offering a new way of monitoring patients but also raising privacy concerns.

Cape Cod fishers see benefits from video monitoring program

- Associated Press

With fleets on the West Coast and in Alaska, members of the East Coast swordfishing and herring fleets and 20 New England groundfishermen all using cameras to record their fishing, the technology is gaining ground as a fisheries management tool, including off Cape Cod.

NSA veterans catch the eye of Silicon Valley investors

- Associated Press

With a newly minted PhD in "pure math" in 2004 (it was actually a dual degree in math and machine learning), Ellison Anne Williams saw her work going in one of three directions: the National Security Agency, IBM or academic research.

Edwards: Tech corporation's expansion means 2,000 jobs

- Associated Press

A technology services company that boasts 6,000 worldwide clients will establish a facility in downtown New Orleans and plans to hire about 2,000 people over five years, state and city officials said Monday.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg meets with a group of entrepreneurs and innovators during a round-table discussion at Cortex Innovation Community technology hub Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson) ** FILE **

Democratic senators urge FEC to fix online political advertising

- The Washington Times

A group of 15 Democratic senators urged the Federal Election Commission to immediately require more disclosure about online political ads in the wake of Kremlin efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election by spreading disinformation through ads bought on Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Minnesota, Poland and Argentina compete to host World's Fair

- Associated Press

Minnesota is hoping to host the first World's Fair on U.S. soil in nearly 40 years, but it will have to overcome bids by Poland's third-largest city, Lodz, and the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires when a winner is selected in the coming days.