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How excessive regulation is crushing Main Street

How excessive regulation is crushing Main Street: The impact of the feds’ squeeze on community bankers is a special report prepared by The Washington Times Advocacy Department.

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How Washington is Failing Main Street

Following assurances that Congress is working to limit the impact of excessive regulation on Americans, community bankers recently made it clear that lawmakers can't have it both ways.

A Main Street banker's perspective on excessive federal regulation

I am the President and CEO of the Bank of Zachary in Zachary, La., and earlier this year I got the opportunity to tell Congress a little bit about the hidden cost of federal regulations and how these costs impact small business and economic growth on Main Street.

Making the case for Main Street

By its very definition, the word "justice" equates with rightfulness and justness of ground or reason.

Our undated picture shows Prof. George Stigler, University of Chicago, Ill., will receive the 1982 Nobel Economics award. (AP-Photo/wk/HO)

End run by the credit unions

George Stigler won the 1982 Nobel Prize in Economics for work that changed forever the way economists look at government regulation of business and industry.

Doing the Right Thing is in the Community Bank DNA

I am humbled and grateful to represent the nation's community banks, an industry that has made its mark through honest dealing, community involvement and personalized customer service.

Let's Cut Call Report Paperwork Down to Size

Regulatory paperwork continues to occupy far too many community bank resources that could be dedicated to improving local communities, and the problem is only getting worse.