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Ben Wolfgang

Ben Wolfgang

Ben Wolfgang covers the Pentagon, military and foreign affairs for The Washington Times.

Previously, he covered energy and the environment, Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in 2016, and also spent two years as a White House correspondent during the Obama administration.

Before coming to The Times in 2011, Ben worked as political reporter at The Republican-Herald in Pottsville, Pa.

He can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Ben Wolfgang

CEOs warn of subpar school standards

A group of top business leaders warned in a new report Thursday that U.S. schools have set a standard for their students that's too low and that subpar expectations put the country in danger of falling even further behind other nations in reading and math proficiency. Published April 21, 2011

Report: For-profit colleges 'defraud' students

For-profit colleges, already the target of Senate Democrats, took another beating in a report released Wednesday by an education trade publication that says such institutions "defraud" young people. Published April 20, 2011

Budget fight clouds science, tech research plans

With Democrats and Republicans still far apart on how to deal with the nation's debt and fiscal woes, a cloud of uncertainty has settled over the nation's scientific and technology research sectors over the size of their own budgets in the years to come. Published April 19, 2011

Walker defends budget decisions

Giving as well as he got, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Thursday traveled to Capitol Hill to defend his efforts to balance his state's budget by renegotiating public-worker contracts and eliminating most collective bargaining rights for many state employees. Published April 14, 2011

Students earning more credits; grades stagnate

The nation's high school students are earning more college credits on their path to graduation, but steady improvements in grade-point average have slowed in recent years, according to a major new survey from the National Center for Education Statistics. Published April 13, 2011

Education cuts coming, but fewer than GOP wanted

The final spending deal struck by the White House and congressional leaders spares the Education Department the deeper cuts sought by House Republicans, according to the agreement reached Friday. = Published April 12, 2011

Libyan leader Col. Moammar Gadhafi greets supporters in Tripoli on Sunday as envoys from the African Union, including South African President Jacob Zuma, arrived for two days of talks with Col. Gadhafi and rebel leaders. The African Union repeated its call for a cease-fire. (Associated Press)

Tony Blair: Do not underestimate Gadhafi

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair cautioned the international community against taking Col. Moammar Gadhafi lightly, as a delegation of African leaders arrived in Tripoli to try to start peace talks between the Libyan dictator and anti-government rebels. Published April 10, 2011

Educators urge reduced federal role in schools

The federal government must reduce its footprint in education and give local school systems more flexibility to craft curricula and measure student performance, school leaders from across the country told a House committee hearing Thursday. Published April 7, 2011


Black bows out abruptly as NYC schools chief

Amid plummeting approval ratings, former publishing executive Cathie Black resigned Thursday as chancellor of New York City schools, one of the most high-profile posts in American education, after fewer than 100 days on the job. Published April 7, 2011

GAO hits programs for making teachers better

Shoddy oversight and a lack of reliable testing methods make it difficult to know which federal programs geared to improve teacher quality are working, U.S. Comptroller General Gene L. Dodaro told a House hearing Wednesday. Published April 6, 2011

FDA approves safety of Pacific Ocean imports

Local restaurants and national food companies are feeling little effect from the ongoing crisis in Japan, and the Food and Drug Administration is assuring Americans that food imported from the Pacific Ocean is safe, though increased safety inspections have been put in place. Published April 5, 2011

GOP budget eyes Pell cuts

The popular federal Pell Grant tuition program, vastly expanded under President Obama, would take a big hit under the far-reaching fiscal 2012 Republican budget blueprint released Tuesday by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan. Published April 5, 2011

"Any reduction to the Pell program would come at a much higher cost for our country down the road," said Sen. Tom Harkin, Iowa Democrat, admitting "tough budget decisions" are ahead. Education Secretary Arne Duncan projected that the Pell Grant program that helps low-income students afford college could face a $20 billion shortfall in 2012. (Associated Press)

Democrats promise to fight Pell Grant cuts

Senate Democrats, led by Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa, say they will fight any cuts in the federal Pell Grant program, for which spending has ballooned to the point that the Obama administration admits it can't be maintained. Published April 4, 2011

** FILE ** Energy Secretary Steven Chu. (Associated Press)

Chu stands by nuclear power despite Japan's ongoing woes

Energy Secretary Steven Chu told reporters Friday that the United States cannot reject nuclear power because of the ongoing crisis in Japan, where workers are still fighting to keep reactors from melting down three weeks after the country was devastated by an earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Published April 1, 2011


In new survey, half say public schools worsen

Half of all Americans now say that the nation's public schools are getting worse, according to a new study released Thursday by United Way Worldwide. Published March 31, 2011

Report supports federal funding to train principals

More investment from the federal government into internship programs is critical to getting better principals in schools across the country, according to a new report released Wednesday by the nonprofit Wallace Foundation. Published March 30, 2011