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Colby B. Jubenville

Colby B. Jubenville

Colby B. Jubenville, Ph.D., holds an academic appointment at Middle Tennessee State University and is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and inventor. He was raised by two educators who taught him that if you want to take on the world, you marry an educator, become an educator and teach and coach others. Today, he teaches and coaches others how to monetize their knowledge, skill, desire, confidence, likeability, networks and how to ultimately not choose the way of the herd, but to "go their own way." Follow him: @drjubenville on Twitter.

Articles by Colby B. Jubenville

When you develop a firm enough sense of self-reliance, you'll have found your own lane and be able to stay there, says Colby B. Jubenville, who blogs for The Washington Times. (AP Photo)

Self-help must: Stay in your own lane

If you ask people about their life, most will tell you it's been a crazy journey. Mine certainly has and because of that I have created my own way. My own way of thinking, feeling, doing and communicating. Published June 17, 2015