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Image: Japanese Defense Ministry

Russia sends bombers on 24-hour Arctic patrol

Four Russian bombers are now on a 24-hour patrol over the Arctic Ocean. The Tu-95MS strategic bombers took off from a far east Russian airfield and will refuel in flight after 12 hours. Published March 14, 2014

A student of Venezuela's Central University (UCV), shouts slogans against Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro during a protest in Caracas, Venezuela, Wednesday, March 12, 2014.  According to local authorities, several deaths have been reported Wednesday, and a number of others, including National Guardsmen, have been wounded after being shot by unknown assailants in separate incidents in the central Venezuelan city of Valencia. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)

Student protester shot, killed amid Venezuela unrest

A student protester in Venezuela was killed after being shot in the chest on Wednesday, with witnesses saying that they believe government intelligence services were involved. Published March 12, 2014

Snowden: NSA uses fake Facebook to hack into users' computers

The National Security Agency uses a man-on-the-side technique, code-named QUANTUMHAND, to masquerade as a fake Facebook server in order to hack the computers of the agency's targets, according to whistle-blower Edward Snowden. Published March 12, 2014

A U.S. Marine stands guard in Kuwait. Next year, the Marines will incorporate Mind Fitness Training classes into an infantry school at Camp Pendleton, Calif., making it a tentative part of the regular training cycle. (J.M. Eddins Jr./The Washington Times)

Young Marines come to the rescue of ailing WWII USMC veteran

Gunnery Sgt. Bernie Ruchin, a World War II veteran recently slowed by his battlefield wounds, has been comforted by his younger Marine counterparts, who remodeled his home to make navigating through it easier. Published March 12, 2014