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James Morrison

James Morrison

James Morrison joined the The Washington Times in 1983 as a local reporter covering Alexandria, Va. A year later, he was assigned to open a Times bureau in Canada. From 1987 to 1989, Mr. Morrison was The Washington Times reporter in London, covering Britain, Western Europe and NATO issues. After returning to Washington, he served as an assistant foreign editor until his transfer to the Metro desk as the Virginia editor. Mr. Morrison returned to the Foreign Desk in 1993 to launch the Embassy Row column, a diplomatic news column primarily focusing on foreign ambassadors in the United States and U.S. ambassadors abroad. The column is the only one of its kind in U.S. journalism.

Mr. Morrison was born on Nov. 27, 1950, in Charleston, W.Va. His father worked as a printer for the Charleston Gazette and later relocated to Washington to work as a photo engraver at The Washington Post until his retirement. Before joining The Washington Times, James Morrison was a reporter for the Springfield, Va., Times, the Northern Virginia Sun and the Alexandria Gazette. He attended American University.


Articles by James Morrison

Embassy Row: Marbury v. Madison redux

The legal battle between the State Department and Iranian dissidents fighting to be removed from the U.S. terrorist list evolved this week into a brief lecture on one of the most famous Supreme Court cases, which established a fundamental constitutional principle more than 200 years ago. Published April 3, 2012

Embassy Row: Myth makers

The U.S. ambassador to Russia is so frustrated by a relentless tide of criticism from pro-Kremlin sources that he demanded his opponents "stop propagating myths." Published April 1, 2012

Embassy Row: Arms race in Asia

Asia is in the "early phases of an arms race," with many nations increasing their military forces as dangerous disputes on land and sea pose potential flashpoints, Australian Ambassador Kim Beazley warns. Published March 29, 2012

Embassy Row: Clinton too busy

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is just too busy meeting foreign leaders, responding to global crises and attending international forums to be bothered with Iranian dissidents who want her to remove them from the U.S. terrorist list. Published March 27, 2012

Embassy Row: On the record

An old diplomatic joke says that ambassadors think twice before saying nothing, but sometimes even a bland statement gets headlines. Published March 25, 2012

Embassy Row: 'Act of suppression'

A top House Republican denounced the Treasury Department on Thursday for investigating former U.S. officials campaigning to remove an Iranian dissident group from the State Department terrorist list. Published March 22, 2012

Embassy Row: Lawyer questions ambassador

A top Haitian lawyer is perplexed by U.S. Ambassador Kenneth H. Merten, who has stoked controversy over whether Haitian President Michel Martelly holds U.S. citizenship in violation of Haiti's constitution. Published March 20, 2012

Embassy Row: Haiti President, an American?

The U.S. ambassador to Haiti has been drawn into a controversy over whether President Michel Martelly, a former pop singer in Miami, is a U.S. citizen and ineligible to hold the office he won last year. Published March 15, 2012

Embassy Row: 'Affront' to Knesset

A senior Israeli lawmaker is complaining to the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv over the State Department's refusal to issue a visa for another Israeli legislator who once belonged to an outlawed political party on the U.S. terrorist list. Published March 13, 2012

Embassy Row: Yemenis denounce envoy

Thousands of protesters in the troubled country of Yemen over the weekend demanded the expulsion of U.S. Ambassador Gerald Feierstein, accusing him of interfering in the domestic affairs of a nation convulsed by a year-old uprising. Published March 11, 2012

Embassy Row: Court backs Iranians

The Iranian resistance won another victory in a U.S. federal court this week, when a three-judge panel ruled the group has a right to a speedy hearing on its petition to be removed from the U.S. terrorist list - after nearly two years of delay by the State Department. Published March 6, 2012

Embassy Row: McFaul, not McFaui

A Russian prankster posted a fake Twitter message Sunday, implying that U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul in Moscow was claiming voter fraud in Russia's presidential election even before the polls closed. Published March 4, 2012

Embassy Row: Clinton Under Pressure

Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee this week pressed Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on her failure to remove the Iranian resistance from the U.S. list of terrorist groups. Published March 1, 2012

Embassy Row: Gays in Liberia

The U.S. ambassador to Liberia said she was surprised to learn that gay rights are an issue in the West African nation, where homosexuality is illegal and lawmakers are considering tougher penalties for same-sex relationships. Published February 28, 2012

Embassy Row

The ambassador from Bahrain insists that her country respects religious freedom, although the gulf kingdom has been gripped by political violence with religious overtones for the past year. Published February 26, 2012

Embassy Row

Embattled, embittered and perhaps a bit embarrassed, Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd shocked colleagues with his surprise resignation this week while he was on an official visit to Washington. Published February 23, 2012

Embassy Row

Pakistan is outraged by a resolution sponsored by three House Republicans calling for a vote on independence for the people of Baluchistan, the largest province in the South Asian nation already angry at Washington for its anti-terrorist attacks. Published February 21, 2012

Embassy Row

Australia's foreign minister arrives in Washington this week dogged by an Internet video that shows him cursing and pounding his desk in a rant that is fueling a political showdown with the prime minister. Published February 19, 2012

Embassy Row

The South Korean ambassador to the United States surprised observers in Seoul Thursday when he offered his resignation to President Lee Myung-bak. Published February 16, 2012