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Cleanup of Bay awash in support

Maryland residents say cleaning the Chesapeake Bay is more important than slowing development, reducing air pollution or the issue of global warming, according to the results of a poll to be released Friday by a Bay advocacy group. Published April 17, 2009

McAuliffe outraises governor race rival

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe raised more than five times the amount of his closest competitor for the Democratic nomination, bringing in more than $4 million during the first three months of this year. Published April 9, 2009

Senate changes vote to OK speed cameras

The Maryland Senate on Thursday reversed course and approved a bill expanding the use of automated traffic-enforcement cameras to ticket speeders in highway work zones and near schools. Published April 3, 2009

Council to hear bag fee debate

The D.C. Council is scheduled to hear testimony Wednesday from environmentalists, economic development groups, senior citizens and clergy who say that a 5-cent fee on plastic bags will help to clean up the Anacostia River. Published April 1, 2009

Md. schools forbid illegals head count

The Maryland State Board of Education on Tuesday said Frederick County officials are prohibited by federal law from seeking a count of how many illegal immigrants are in the county school system. Published March 25, 2009

War protesters press for speedy end

Thousands of antiwar protesters from across the country marched over the Memorial Bridge and past the Pentagon on Saturday, directing their ire at a new commander in chief - President Obama. Published March 22, 2009

Duncan reads to children

The students at Amidon-Bowen Elementary School, in Southwest, knew their weekly reading sessions with Education Department officials were a good gig, but they didn't expect the big boss would some day sit down and crack a book. Published March 19, 2009

Shriners host clinic for health screening

Raoul L. Frevel, a member of Shriners International, recently recalled a young man getting up at a banquet to say - "I'd like to thank you for my life." Published March 12, 2009

Pancakes flying in races at Cathedral

With his pancake and frying pan still intact, an astonished Rev. John A. Runkle flipped across the finish line first to win the spray-painted golden skillet Tuesday at the National Cathedral's annual pancake races. Published February 25, 2009

Partial smoking ban passes in Va.

Virginia lawmakers Thursday approved legislation creating a partial smoking ban in restaurants and bars, scoring a major victory for Gov. Tim Kaine, a Democrat, and moving to restrict tobacco use in the state that was first in the country to harvest the plant. Published February 20, 2009

D.C. bar fights consumer Web site

Lawyers often sue to protect consumers. In Washington - the lawyer capital of the nation - lawyers are threatening legal action to prevent consumers from getting a full measure of information about their services. Published February 17, 2009