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SGT. SHAFT: Did Red Hat Mission cause illnesses?

Dear Sgt. Shaft: The Red Hat Mission was declassified in 1991. The shipments of 55 gallon drums were being shipped to Johnston Atoll from Okinawa. Some of these containers spilled over on the shipments exposing the soldiers and most will never know what caused their illnesses. Published May 24, 2011

SGT. SHAFT: Any help for caregivers of disabled vets?

Dear Sgt. Shaft: I am a 60 percent disabled vet. My disability comes from serving in Vietnam and having prostate cancer. I suffered a stroke two years ago. I was wondering if there is any validity to the rumor about some sort of caregiver compensation law. I would very much appreciate any help you can give me on this matter. Published May 17, 2011

SGT. SHAFT: Retired veterans create VetSignias for vehicles

Dear Sgt Shaft: As we approach Memorial Day, please remind your readers of the VetSignia group, a small group of retired veterans who make 36 special metalized film window stickers and magnetic vehicle plaques that provide a neat, attractive way for all U.S. veterans to show their service. Published May 10, 2011

SGT. SHAFT: Can I be taxed on my disability pay?

Dear Sgt. Shaft: I know that my over 50 percent disability pay is not federally taxed, but I heard that some states and cities can tax my disability pay when residing in their state? Is this true of any of the 50 states? Published May 3, 2011

SGT. SHAFT: Can divorced spouse of veteran get Agent Orange payout?

Dear Sgt. Shaft: God bless you for your dedication to your country. I have a question regarding Agent Orange benefits. My husband of 40 years has been informed that his benefit for Agent Orange has been approved. My question is: Am I entitled to some of his payment that he will receive from the Agent Orange payout? At this time my husband of 40 years wants a divorce and has left me with debt up to my eyeballs. Published April 26, 2011

SGT. SHAFT: Will TRICARE cover my medical testing?

Dear Sgt. Shaft: My doctor has approved use of the Phillips Self Testing PT/INR machine. Medicare will pay 80 percent of the test strip cost. Does TRICARE cover PT/INR self testing? Thank you. Published April 19, 2011

SGT. SHAFT: How long can widow keep military insurance, ID's?

Dear Sgt Shaft: My husband committed suicide while on active duty in the Navy. He was an E-5 and had been in 11 years. We were married for eight years. We share one child, and I have a daughter from a previous relationship. Both kids were on his dependents. How long do we get to keep our military insurance and ID's? Published April 5, 2011

SGT. SHAFT: Was ship exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam?

Dear Sgt. Shaft: I served on the USS Everett F. Larsen, DD 830 from 1966-68. We did pull into port and unload supplies, and we did tons of shore activities in 'Nam. I was wondering if the ship might be on the Agent Orange List. Thanks for all your work on behalf of veterans. Published March 29, 2011

SGT. SHAFT: Brother asks how to help incarcerated veteran

Dear Sgt Shaft: I have a brother who is currently incarcerated and receiving his 10 percent of his veteran disability benefits. He has a daughter who is 21 and is having a hard time. She would like to make a claim of apportionment. What V.A. form would she need to complete? Are there any additional proof or paper work that needs to be submitted with it? Published March 15, 2011

SGT. SHAFT: Why did retirement checks stop?

Dear Sgt. Shaft: I am a retired Marine, and a friend of mine has been receiving a check from her ex-husband's retirement. She did not get one recently and called to inquire why. All they told her was that he was in a non-pay status and would not elaborate. What circumstances would cause this non-pay status? Published February 22, 2011

SGT. SHAFT: What would widow be entitled to?

Dear Sgt. Shaft: After 18 years, 7 months and 25 days of service, over 20 years for pay purposes, I was in 1975, due to combat wounds, retired to the U.S. Navy's P.D.L. (Permanent Disabled Retirement List) with a disability rating of 50 percent. I opted to receive payment from the V.A. Published February 8, 2011

SGT. SHAFT: Nurse seeks info about seniority rules

Dear Sgt. Shaft: I am with the U.S. Army. I have 28 years for pay purpose. I entered the Army in 1982. Ten of my total years served were regular active duty. I am detailed to a BOP (Bureau of Prisons) at MDC Guaynabo, DOJ Department of Justice, as a register nurse. Published January 18, 2011