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Sgt. Shaft

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SGT. SHAFT: Decoding dad's dog tags

Dear Sgt. Shaft: I came across my dad's dog tags and was wondering if you can help me understand the information on it. Published June 23, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: Caregiver assistance for veterans

Dear Sgt. Shaft: I am sure, now that the President has signed the Caregiver Assistance package, that there will be an application form posted in several places within the Armed Services. Published June 15, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: Verifying what caused PTSD

Dear Sgt. Shaft: My husband has been diagnosed with PTSD, but the VA won't process his claim until he can find someone from his company that can verify the incident that caused his illness. Published May 26, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: Widow may qualify for Purple Heart benefits

Dear Sgt. Shaft: My husband died April 13 this year after a lengthy illness of heart failure and COPD. One of the ladies at my church told me I would qualify for Purple Heart Benefits. Is this true? Published May 19, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: Veteran abroad says he faces bias for federal jobs

Dear Sgt. Shaft: I've submitted more than 100 job applications for government positions. I think the only thing that has stopped me from receiving a job was that I was a veteran overseas and I did not have a high enough preference. Published May 12, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: GI Bill benefits extension

Dear Sgt. Shaft, I recently lost my job and I was looking at completing my education to realize that my GI Bill benefits have expired. I contacted the VA and I was told that I could submit a request for an extension. Published April 28, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: Mail service for military retirees

Dear Sgt. Shaft: Last year the APO function was moved from the DOD to the State Department. Shortly after that, the State Department canceled mail privileges for all military retirees. This was done without any explanation. By canceling this mailing privilege, it prevents TRICARE Pharmacy from shipping medications to those retired military personnel that live overseas. TRICARE will not ship to foreign addresses. Published April 21, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: Retirement from Reserves

Dear Sgt. Shaft, I served a year in Vietnam and was honorably discharged. Seven years later I returned to active duty service as an officer and retired in the Reserves in the rank. Published April 14, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: Applying for combat-related compensation

Dear Sgt Shaft: I was medically retired with less than 20 years due to wounds received in combat. I receive 100 percent VA compensation. From what I read in HR 2647 I should receive full concurrent receipt as of 01/01/2010. Published April 7, 2010