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Sgt. Shaft

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SGT. SHAFT: Disabled vet seeks education information

Dear Sgt Shaft: My husband is military -- six years active duty Marine Corps and 13 National Guard Reserve. He is currently receiving a medical military discharge for a back injury sustained during his last activation for deployment. Published December 28, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: Merchant marine seeks help for cancer

Dear Sgt. Shaft: Hi, my name is David W., and I was merchant marine in Vietnam in late 1969 and went up and down the rivers. I had Hodgkin lymphoma and kidney cancer. Where can I get help. Thank you. Published December 21, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: Too late for TERA?

Dear Sgt. Shaft: I should have been offered retirement under the Temporary Early Retirement Authority program. Can I apply for this option now? Published December 14, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: Sailor remembers induction during WWII

Dear Sgt. Shaft: I noted your information concerning U.S. Naval Service during WWII, and the fact that the Navy drafted men into that branch of the service starting in 1943. I was one of the individuals who was inducted into the Navy at the Induction Center at Camden, N.J., on June 21, 1944. I was 18 years of age and just graduated from high school. Published November 23, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: Can divorced woman reapply for widow's benefits?

Dear Sgt. Shaft: I was married to Albert H., who retired from the Air Force. We were married in 1996. At that time, I acquired my military ID and Privilege Card. Albert passed away in January 2002. I then remarried in 2006 (and so I lost all my commissary and BX privileges). Now that I am getting divorced, once that divorce is final, can I think reapply for my widow's benefits? Published November 16, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: How to find proof of 'boots on the ground'

Dear Sgt Shaft: My name is Carol. My husband, Ralph, died from lung cancer at age 42. He served in the USAF from 1961-1964 as an aircraft mechanic. During 1964, he was sent TDY (on temporary duty status) from the Philippines to Vietnam. Ralph talked about his time in Vietnam often. I did not find out about benefits for spouses/family of military personnel exposed to Agent Orange until a few years ago. Published November 9, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: No increase for VA benefits

Dear Sgt. Shaft: I understand that Social Security benefits will not be increased this year. Will the same be true for VA benefits? Published October 26, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: Where to order braille business cards?

Dear Sgt Shaft: I just recently started in the Washington, D.C., area and had to order new business cards, and I could not find a place that does braille for my cards. Is there a local subcontractor that your office uses? Thank you. Published October 19, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: Agent Orange victim denied benefits

Dear Sgt. Shaft: My husband is on the Agent Orange list, but cannot receive any benefits because his ship isn't on the list. Is there anything we can do? Published October 12, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: VA denies claim for lung disease victim

Dear Sgt. Shaft, I'm so depressed because the VA office denied my claim on behalf of my deceased husband who died as a result of interstitial pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). He served in Vietnam when Agent Orange was sprayed. Published October 5, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: Is it OK to burn the flag?

Dear Sgt Shaft: Is burning of U.S. flags now still appropriate? I heard that because of the chemicals used in the manufacture of flags, it was no longer the acceptable method. Published September 28, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: Would discharge for pregnancy affect benefits?

Dear Sgt. Shaft: My boyfriend and I want to have a child, but I wouldn't be fulfilling my current enlistment if I did get out due to pregnancy. Would I still have some sort of benefits through the VA? Published August 31, 2010

SGT. SHAFT: Benefits sought for widowed mother

Dear Sgt. Shaft: My father, who served with the Army Air Corps during World War II, died in 1993. My mother never applied for any benefits from the military. Is she entitled to anything now? Published August 24, 2010