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Stephen Dinan

Stephen Dinan

Stephen Dinan can be reached at [email protected].

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Lieberman: Strip terrorists of citizenship

Saying that citizens who become terrorists are at war with the U.S., lawmakers on Capitol Hill introduced a bill to let the government rescind their citizenship - and stirred up a debate over what tools should be used to fight the war on terrorism. Published May 7, 2010

Bill will strip terrorists of citizenship

Saying American citizens who turn to terrorism against the U.S. have renounced their country, lawmakers on Capitol Hill announced a bill Thursday to let the government actually strip them of their citizenship. Published May 6, 2010

Obey to leave House after 4 decades

Rep. David R. Obey, the author of last year's $862 billion economic stimulus law, won't seek re-election this year - and on the way out he took shots at the Senate, the press, the country's mood and even former President George W. Bush. Published May 6, 2010

Senate nixes liquidation fund for firms

The Senate on Wednesday jettisoned Democrats' contentious $50 billion liquidation fund for failing financial service companies and instead overwhelmingly embraced an alternative that would try to shield taxpayers even as the government tries to impose "orderly liquidation" on big failed firms. Published May 6, 2010

House chairman Obey to retire at end of term

Taking shots at the Senate, the press, the country's mood and former President George W. Bush, Rep. David R. Obey said he will retire from the House at the end of this term, ending a four-decade congressional career that oversaw record spending and historic expansion of government aid. Published May 5, 2010

Bank bill could help feds snoop, GOP warns

Fights over derivatives and bailouts are getting more attention, but Senate Republicans are planning a battle over two federal agencies created by Senate Democrats' financial-regulation bill, warning that the proposed agencies give the government new ways to tap into consumers' personal information. Published May 5, 2010

Napolitano: Border could be 'more safe'

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Tuesday the U.S.-Mexico border is not as secure as it could be, though she contended that the Obama administration has shown an "absolute laserlike focus on that border." Published May 5, 2010

Dems put forth immigration bill framework

Seeking one last effort to jump-start the immigration debate and having lost the backing of the one Republican who had been talking with them, Senate Democrats on Thursday announced they will try to pass their own immigration bill this year. Published April 30, 2010

Jobless likely to feel pain long-term

Losing a job is always tough, but losing it in the middle of what's been dubbed the "Great Recession" could hurt for years, according to a new report by the Congressional Budget Office that hints at just how deep the damage could be to those laid off. Published April 30, 2010

Nonbinding vote on Puerto Rico approved

The House voted Thursday to give Puerto Rico a nonbinding vote on its status, marking the beginning of a process that could eventually lead to a 51st state. Published April 30, 2010

Cornyn: Crist shows D.C. can't pick winners

Sen. John Cornyn, the Senate Republicans' campaign chairman who recruited Florida Gov. Charlie Crist into that state's Senate race, said Thursday Mr. Crist's fall shows the danger of Washington politicians trying to pick winners and losers in the midst of anti-Washington sentiment. Published April 29, 2010

If Crist leaves party, GOP donors vow to take cash back

One Republican senator has asked Florida Gov. Charlie Crist to return a $1,000 contribution to his Senate campaign, and other senators are expected to follow suit if Mr. Crist announces he's dropping out of the Republican primary in Florida. Published April 29, 2010

Republican quits immigration reform

The sole Senate Republican working with Democrats on a bipartisan immigration bill said Tuesday that the issue will have to wait until 2012, undercutting the drive to pass a law this year and setting up a partisan floor showdown that all sides acknowledge won't produce a bill that can reach the president's desk. Published April 28, 2010

GOP's Graham: No immigration bill until 2012

Sen. Lindsey Graham, the sole Republican working on a bill to legalize illegal immigrants, in effect put the bill on the shelf on Tuesday, saying that a debate now would destroy any prospects for passage and that the issue needs to wait until 2012. Published April 27, 2010

McCain, Kyl mount stiff defense of Ariz. law

Even as President Obama and others blast Arizona's new law cracking down on illegal immigration, Sen. John McCain defended the law Monday and blamed the federal government for foisting the problem onto the states. Published April 26, 2010

Ariz. governor signs tough immigration law

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed a law making it a state crime to be an illegal immigrant, just hours after President Obama criticized the bill and said the federal government would review it to see if it violates civil rights laws. Published April 23, 2010

Obama tells feds to check Arizona immigration bill

President Obama on Friday said Arizona's proposed law making it a state offense to be an illegal immigrant represents "irresponsibility," and said he's directed his administration to examine the law and see if it violates civil rights. Published April 23, 2010

Hoyer retracts 'un-American' epithet

House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer said Thursday he and Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a mistake when they called anti-health care reform protests "un-American" last year. Published April 23, 2010