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Stephen Dinan

Stephen Dinan

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Rights groups fight Obama lobbyist rules

Saying President Obama has violated the Constitution, an unusual alliance of lobbyists, the American Civil Liberties Union and free-speech advocates on Tuesday demanded that the White House rescind new, unprecedented rules that bar lobbyists from calling or meeting with government employees when trying to tap stimulus money. Published April 1, 2009

GM move now a tightrope for Obama

Having ousted the CEO of America's fourth-largest corporation this weekend, President Obama finds himself walking a tightrope between good stewardship and intrusive corporate boss. Published March 31, 2009

Obama to sign lands bill before 5 days of comment

President Obama on Monday will sign the omnibus land conservation bill - yet again breaking his vow to allow five days for public comment before he affixes his signature to legislation. Published March 30, 2009

Obama says he’ll fight for tax cut

President Obama says he's still committed to middle-class tax cuts and will fight Congress to get them passed and made permanent. Published March 30, 2009

Obama says he’ll fight for tax cuts

President Obama says he's still committed to his middle-class tax cuts and will fight Congress to get them passed and made permanent. Published March 29, 2009

McCain: Public financing is ‘dead’

Sen. John McCain, an architect of campaign-finance reform who got walloped by a candidate armed with more than $750 million, predicts that no one will ever again accept federal matching funds to run for the nation's highest office. Published March 29, 2009

McCain: Obama breaks promise of bipartisanship

EXCLUSIVE: Sen. John McCain says President Obama is breaking campaign promises he made to the American people and has passed up numerous opportunities to reach out to Republicans. Published March 28, 2009

Harry Reid: Justice Roberts lied to Congress

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Friday that Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. lied to Congress during his confirmation hearings by pretending to be open-minded about his judicial philosophy. Published March 28, 2009

Obama: Taliban and al Qaeda must be stopped

UPDATED: President Obama on Friday announced he will send 4,000 more troops this spring to Afghanistan, saying the situation is "increasingly perilous" and pledging U.S. aid for Pakistan as part of an international diplomatic effort. Published March 27, 2009

U.S. boosting force in Afghanistan

President Obama on Friday will order 4,000 more military advisers to Afghan forces and look to forge an international diplomatic coalition determined to dismantle al Qaeda in Pakistan and root out the Taliban in Afghanistan. ]]> Published March 27, 2009

U.S. readies plan for drug cartel threat

The federal government has begun planning what it would do if the Mexican government fails in its fight with drug cartels and the United States has to deal with a broken government and refugees streaming across the border. Published March 25, 2009

Deficit to hit $9.3 trillion in next decade

Staggering numbers released Friday show President Obama's new budget will nearly double the cumulative deficit over the next decade to $9.3 trillion, damaging plans to overhaul health care and boost alternative energy. Published March 21, 2009

Obama’s budget doubles deficit in 10 years

Staggering budget numbers released Friday showed President Obama's budget plans will nearly double the cumulative deficit over the next 10 years, higher than the president himself projected and damaging his ambitious plans to overhaul health care and boost sources of alternative energy. Published March 20, 2009

Aides attempt to cover for Obama

To hear his camp tell it, President Obama has been in the dark about at least two issues that broiled into controversies this week. Republicans are jumping at the chance to cast doubts about the White House's operations. Published March 20, 2009

Treasury cleared way for AIG bonuses

The Obama administration and one of its key allies in Congress belatedly acknowledged Wednesday that they were responsible more than a month ago for clearing the way for large bonuses to be paid inside taxpayer-supported companies like AIG, undercutting the White House's attempts to distance itself from a growing political embarrassment. Published March 19, 2009

Obama names first court pick

President Obama named his first judicial nomination Tuesday, tapping a federal district judge from Indiana to serve on a Midwest federal appeals court and making good on his goal of working with senators to find consensus picks. Published March 18, 2009

Economy a likely blame game

With the economy still teetering, Republicans and Democrats are engaged in a high-stakes game of blame fixing, all with an eye to preparing voters to pin the blame on the donkey - or elephant - before the next election. Published March 17, 2009

GOP reverses stance on filibusters

When it comes to judicial nominations, Republican senators are finding themselves defending hills they sought to storm just a few years ago. Published March 17, 2009

Obama to foreign investors: Have confidence

President Obama said Saturday that investors can have "absolute confidence" in the U.S. economy, continuing a recent push to shore up markets after months of dire warnings drove stock indexes to decade lows. Published March 15, 2009