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EDITORIAL: Constitutionally unhealthy 'reform'

Far too many congressmen underestimate the political ramifications of passing a health care bill that may be unconstitutional. Far too few of them seem to understand why Obamacare's constitutionality is seriously in doubt. Published January 7, 2010

EDITORIAL: Letting crooks & illegals vote

Democrats have a political death wish. At least that's how it looks. There's no other explanation for their feverish push to take over the health care system when a huge majority of Americans are opposed to the plan. But facing an angry public, Democrats are scheming to find ways to manipulate the electoral process so they can cling to power even when voters want to kick the bums out. Published January 7, 2010

EDITORIAL: The Blackwater lynching

The dismissed case against five American security contractors charged with committing manslaughter in Iraq illustrates the complexities of fighting an enemy that chooses to wage war among civilians. Worse, it exposes the equally dirty battles conducted by government agencies against our own warriors when bureaucrats respond to political pressure. Published January 7, 2010

EDITORIAL: Throwing Brit Hume to the lions

If there were doubt that much of the media is hostile to traditional faith, especially traditional Christianity, that doubt has been drowned in the wake of a vicious verbal assault on Fox News analyst Brit Hume. Histrionic fulminations against Mr. Hume's inoffensive expression of faith expose an ugly strain of anti-religious bigotry that is spreading inside this country's liberal establishment. Published January 6, 2010

EDITORIAL: Iran's al Qaeda connection in Yemen

The attempted Christmas Day underwear bombing of Northwest Flight 253 may have Iranian fingerprints, but those are dots the Obama administration doesn't want to connect. Published January 6, 2010

EDITORIAL: Another broken promise by Sen. Nelson

Sen. Ben Nelson has gotten a lot of attention for breaking his promise to oppose taxpayer-funded abortions in the government health care bill. But that isn't the only promise broken by the Nebraska Democrat. During his 2006 reelection bid, Mr. Nelson signed the important Taxpayer Protection Pledge sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform. The pledge encompasses two promises: to oppose any increase in marginal income-tax rates and oppose any reduction in income-tax deductions or credits. By voting for the Senate health care bill on Christmas Eve, Mr. Nelson violated both parts of his pledge. Published January 6, 2010

EDITORIAL: The forgotten virtue of firearms

During Christmas week, a registered sex offender with a conviction for attempted murder used a gun to take three hostages at a Wytheville, Va., post office. Not too surprisingly, the national media gave the crime extensive news coverage. Such sensationalism leaves a distorted image about what happens with guns every day in the United States. When guns work to stop crime, there's not nearly as much drama to sensationalize and, as a result, that much less coverage. Published January 5, 2010

Remembering TWT Sports

A look back at 27-plus years of sports coverage in The Washington Times Published January 1, 2010

Best-selling Camry gets revised styling

The 2010 Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid, which went on sale in March, debuted revised exterior styling, a new four-cylinder powertrain and new safety, audio and convenience features. All Camry gas models are now equipped with Vehicle Stability Control with traction control as standard. Published January 1, 2010

Women choose Volvo for families

The Volvo XC60 took first prize in the "Family Car of the Year" category in the first-ever Women's World Car of the Year competition. All told, 21 cars competed in four categories when eight female motoring journalists from seven countries voted for their favorite cars. Published January 1, 2010

Honda packages utility in P-NUT

The Honda Personal-Neo Urban Transport (P-NUT) design study model demonstrates a futuristic concept for an ultra-compact and sophisticated city coupe. Published January 1, 2010

EDITORIAL: Democrats sleeping with the enemy

For all their railing against the evils of big bad banks, Democrats aren't shy about jumping into bed with them when the price is right. And they don't much care whether taxpayers lose out in the process. Rep. Barney Frank, Massachusetts Democrat, and his cohort Rep. Maxine Waters, California Democrat, are leaders in making support for delinquent banks into a respectable progressive cause. Published December 31, 2009

EDITORIAL: Transportation Security Administration on trial

The editorial pages of practically every major newspaper in the country have warned that the Transportation Security Administration is failing. Left, right, center, it doesn't matter. The incompetence is obvious to anyone who looks. Published December 31, 2009

EDITORIAL: Stacking the deck for Obamacare

President Obama and Democratic leaders say they are counting on a health care victory to buoy their electoral prospects in 2010. Not even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can believe that baloney. That's why they are trying to make it impossible to undo the damage they now are doing. Published December 31, 2009

EDITORIAL: The pooh-pooh presidency

Known for leaping in front of cameras to bolster support for health care "reform" or cap and trade, President Obama gives resounding campaign-style speeches to back agenda items he actually cares about. Terrorism doesn't rate that much effort. After Fort Hood and Northwest Airlines Flight 253, Mr. Obama seemed like he was dragged in front of the American people. Published December 30, 2009

CITIZEN JOURNALISM: Cities seek jobs plan, more cash

Months after economists declared the U.S. recession over, unemployment numbers paint a clear picture of why America's urban areas are hurting. With elections looming next year for all 435 House seats, the Congressional Black Caucus recently sent a letter to President Obama asking for federal dollars to create jobs and job-training opportunities for blacks. Published December 30, 2009

EDITORIAL: Christmas day's recycled terrorists

With reports appearing that former Guantanamo detainees played a role in the attempted Christmas Day bombing of Northwest Flight 253, President Obama's plan to shutter the facility, putting detainees back on the streets, doesn't look so popular. Nor should it. Every released detainee has the potential for political and literal blowback. Published December 30, 2009

EDITORIAL: Obamacare's racial bigotry

As if there weren't enough objectionable parts to the Democrats' government health care bills on Capitol Hill, it now turns out that the plans actively promote racial discrimination. As is often the case, one attempt at creating special favors for racial minorities might make it more likely for those same minorities to be abused. Published December 30, 2009

EDITORIAL: While terrorists plot, the FAA parties

While a terrorist was plotting to kill Americans over the Christmas holidays, what was the Federal Aviation Administration doing? Why, spending $5 million on a three-week-long Christmas party, of course. Published December 29, 2009