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EDITORIAL: Bill Ayers is back

Bill Ayers has kept a low profile since President Obama took office, so we thought he might have gone underground again. That was until we ran into him in Baltimore on Wednesday and he lobbed a bomb at one of our editorial writers. Published May 19, 2009

EDITORIAL: Swinging at Bob McDonnell

The Democratic Party is obviously scared of Bob McDonnell. Before Virginia voters have even chosen a Democratic nominee for governor, the national Democratic Governors Association has created a shell organization to try to bloody up Mr. McDonnell, Virginia's Republican candidate for governor. No punches have landed. Published May 19, 2009

EDITORIAL: Palestinians aren't ready for statehood

The expression "two state solution" has taken up residence in Washington as the framing device for yesterday's White House meeting between President Obama and Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It is a handy cliche that assumes that creating a Palestinian state will actually solve something. We beg to differ. Published May 19, 2009

Picking a winner

Who will take Game 7: The Capitals or Penguins? Published May 13, 2009

EDITORIAL: Obama's 'Laugh In'

It was President Obama's idea to give Queen Elizabeth II an iPod last month at Buckingham Palace. Published May 12, 2009

EDITORIAL: Roxana Saberi is free

We were delighted to learn that an Iranian appeals court has suspended the eight-year sentence for espionage imposed last month on American journalist Roxana Saberi. Published May 12, 2009

EDITORIAL: Arming sailors

Somali pirates attacked a U.S. vessel and captured a Dutch ship on Thursday. These raids could be prevented if merchant mariners had guns and could defend their ships. Published May 11, 2009

EDITORIAL: Tehran's nukes

At last week's Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings titled, "Engaging Iran: Obstacles and Opportunities," former Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns told senators that "there is no question [Iran is] seeking a nuclear weapons capability. No one doubts that." No one? Really? Actually, our own spy agencies belittle the Iranian threat. Published May 11, 2009

EDITORIAL: Money talks against terrorism

Americans can fight the war on terror by stopping businesses from investing in terror-sponsoring states. There have been two major victories in this battle this month. Published May 11, 2009