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Topic - Kroll

Kroll is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:* Eric Kroll, American photographer* Fredric Kroll, (born 1945), American composer and writer* Henryk Kroll, (born 1949), Polish politician, leader of German minority in Poland* Joachim Kroll, (1933–1991), German serial killer* Jules B. Kroll, (born 1941), American CEO of Kroll Bond Rating Agency and Chairman of K2Global* Leon Kroll (1884–1974), American painter* Nick Kroll (born 1978), American actor and comedian, son of Jules B. Kroll* Ted Kroll (1919–2002), professional golfer* Wilhelm Kroll (1869–1939), German philologist* William Justin Kroll (1889–1973), Luxemburger metallurgist, inventor of the Kroll process* William Kroll (1901–1980), American violinist and composer* Woodrow M. Kroll (born 1944), American evangelist, principal of the "Back to the Bible" radio ministry - Source: Wikipedia

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