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Topic - Pittsburg

==In the United States==*Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was officially spelled "Pittsburg" from 1890 until 1911.*Pittsburg, Alabama*Pittsburg Point, Arizona village that predates and was absorbed by Lake Havasu City, Arizona*Pittsburg, Arkansas*Pittsburg, California, a city in Contra Costa County named in 1911*Bay Point, California, until 1993 named West Pittsburg*Pittsburg, Nevada County, California, a former settlement*Pittsburg, Colorado*Pittsburg, Florida*Pittsburg, DeKalb County, Georgia*Pittsburg, Walker County, Georgia*Pittsburg Landing, Idaho*Pittsburg, Fayette County, Illinois*Pittsburg, Illinois, in Williamson County*Pittsburg, Indiana*Hymera, Indiana (Originally named Pittsburg)*Pittsburg, Montgomery County, Iowa*Pittsburg, Van Buren County, Iowa*Pittsburg, Kansas, Crawford County, founded 1876**Pittsburg State University, located in that city*Pittsburg Township, Mitchell County, Kansas*Pittsburg, Kentucky*Pittsburg, Michigan*Pittsburg, Mississippi*Pittsburg, Missouri*Pittsburg, Nebraska*Pittsburg, Nevada*Pittsburg, New Hampshire*Pittsburg, New Mexico*Pittsburg, North Carolina*Pittsburg, Oklahoma*Pittsburg County, Oklahoma*Pittsburg, Oregon*Pittsburg, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania*West Pittsburg, Pennsylvania*Pittsburg, South Carolina*Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee*South Pittsburg, Tennessee*Pittsburg, Texas*Pittsburg, Utah - Source: Wikipedia

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