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Topic - Tcu

TCU is an abbreviation for:* Tauranga City United, a New Zealand association football club* Telecommunication Control Unit* Texas Christian University, a private university in Fort Worth, Texas** TCU Horned Frogs, the athletic program of the school* Thompson/Center Ugalde, a family of wildcat cartridges for firearms based upon the .223 Remington, such as the 7mm TCU* The Civilized Union* TCu, towering cumulus; Cumulus congestus cloud* Tokyo Christian University, a private university in Chiba, Japan* Tokyo City University, a private university of technology in Japan* Transmission Control Unit* Transitional Care Unit, a specialized facility in a hospital that provides intensive care medicine, but is a transition between ICU and regular care* Transportation Communications Union* Triangle Credit Union, a credit union in New Hampshire* Turn Construction Unit* Tzu Chi University, in Hualien, Taiwan - Source: Wikipedia

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