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One of the many things I admire about our Capitals beat writer Stephen Whyno is his total dedication to his beat.  Some might call it an obsession and I wouldn’t argue.  Point is, Stephen works his beat like crazy. 

Nicklas Lidstrom is in town?  Talk to him.  Teemu Selanne is here?  Talk to him.  Take advantage of every interview opportunity.  Do the leg work.  It’s a lesson I try to use with my students and Stephen’s story on Alex Ovechkin will provide a great teaching moment on the value of leg work. 

It caused some late scrambling for a good reason.  The Boss picked Stephen’s story to be the centerpiece on Page A1 in today’s print edition.  It was a spot well earned.

Elsewhere in sports today, we have another great assortment of stuff.  Of course I’m biased and I’m going to say that every day.

Some of the highlights:

Dan Daly, for my money as good a columnist as you’ll find anywhere, weighs in on Penn State.

Nick Eilerson found something about the Redskins that wasn’t all bad.

Patrick Stevens, who takes to the college beat like Stephen does to the Caps, checks in with Maryland’s James Padgett

We’re in a copy-share agreement with my old paper, the Richmond Times-Dispatch.   We use a story today from my old pal Nathan Warters of the Lynchburg paper on Virginia Tech’s game tonight against North Carolina

We’ll have a web-only story up on that game later Thursday night (or early Friday morning).  We’ll also have coverage from the Capitals’ game at Winnipeg on the web, too.  And we have lots of good stuff planned for Friday’s print edition, too.

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