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  • A presentation prepared in 2010 for then-EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson made clear that a pre-emptive veto "had never been done before in the history" of the Clean Water Act and could risk litigation. (Associated Press)

    EXCLUSIVE: Memos show EPA officials tried to kill mine project before scientific review

    Though President Obama has repeatedly urged that science guide environmental decisions, regulators inside the Environmental Protection Agency secretly worked with tribal and environmental activists to preempt a full review of an Alaskan mine and veto the project before the owners' permits could be considered, internal memos show.

  • ** FILE ** "Every public official has to use her best judgment in ensuring appropriate use of personal emails," says Environmental Protection Agency ex-chief Lisa P. Jackson. (Associated Press)

    Technology entangles federal officials in open-records quagmires

    Lisa P. Jackson, the former EPA chief who used both secondary and private email accounts to conduct government business, said she never intended to violate open-records laws and said only those who want to "theorize that there is a hidden agenda" would see her actions negatively.

  • **FILE** Former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson (Associated Press)

    Ex-EPA chief Lisa Jackson denies trying to avoid sunshine laws

    Former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson told Congress on Tuesday that she didn't abuse her official email accounts, nor did she use her own private account to try to circumvent open-records laws.

  • **FILE** Former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson (Associated Press)

    Investigators ask former EPA chief to turn over private emails

    Top congressional Republicans sent a letter Thursday to Lisa P. Jackson asking her to justify an email she sent during her time as chief of the EPA in which she told a lobbyist to contact her using a private, personal email account rather than her government email — a move that appears to contravene open-records laws.

  • Congress still has questions for Lisa P. Jackson, former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, who is under investigation for suspected violations of federal sunshine laws after she apparently used private email accounts to conduct government business. (Associated Press)

    Sunshine law gets cloudy when federal officials take email home

    Documents show that Lisa P. Jackson, as EPA chief, told a lobbyist to shift their conversations to her "home email" account rather than using official government accounts, in a move that appears to contravene the intent of federal sunshine laws.

  • **FILE** Former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson (Associated Press)

    EDITORIAL: Government in the shadows

    Richard Windsor was a model employee at the Environmental Protection Agency. He was so beloved by his colleagues that the agency awarded him the title "scholar of ethical behavior," and bestowed several cybersecurity certifications on him.

  • credit

    As overflows continue, D.C. plan for sewage tunnels getting messy

    More than a billion gallons of stormwater and sewage flow into the District of Columbia's rivers every year, and there is a belief that George Hawkins is the man to fix it.

  • **FILE** Gina McCarthy, Assistant Administrator with the Environmental Protection Agency, speaks at a climate workshop sponsored by the Climate Center at Georgetown University in Washington on Feb. 21, 2013. (Associated Press)

    EDITORIAL: Gina McCarthy's smog machine

    Senate hearings, even confirmation hearings, don't always live up to their billing (except in the movies). Not every committee can deliver Watergate-era theatrics, either from the panel of senators or in a retort from the witness table, as in Joseph Welch's famous question to Joe McCarthy: "Have you no sense of decency?"

  • ** FILE ** Then President-elect Barack Obama checks his BlackBerry in St. Louis.

    Feds hide behind potential text message loophole in sunshine law

    The researcher who exposed former EPA chief Lisa P. Jackson's private email account is now taking aim at her potential successor — and is expanding the inquiry into the world of mobile phone text messages, which are shaping up as the next frontier in open-records legal battles.

  • Gina McCarthy

    Lawsuit against EPA seeks evidence of hidden messages

    Top Environmental Protection Agency officials used computer instant messages to try to circumvent open-records laws, according to a lawsuit filed by a researcher who has been hounding the agency to comply with the law.

  • **FILE** Gina McCarthy stands on stage in the East Room of the White House in Washington on March 4, 2013, as President Obama announced he would nominate McCarthy to head the EPA. (Associated Press)

    EPA email: Goal was 'shaming' states into compliance

    Internal EPA emails released Tuesday show an agency hostile to new energy production in the U.S. and an effort at "shaming" states into complying with Obama administration environmental priorities, according to the top Republican on the Senate environment committee.

  • **FILE** Former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson (Associated Press)

    Senator: EPA lied about using private emails

    Environmental Protection Agency officials lied when they said a top official used his private email only once for public business, a Republican senator said Friday as he released copies of several emails in which that official conducted business with the EPA's director and with outside groups.

  • The departure of Interior Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar and other Cabinet members gives oil and gas leaders optimism that President Obama's energy and environmental policies will be friendlier to the industry during his second term. (Associated Press)

    Interior's Salazar helps empty Obama's Cabinet

    Interior Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar's resignation doesn't just leave another open spot in President Obama's Cabinet. The departure of the former senator from Colorado could have far-reaching effects on the administration's energy and environmental policies in a second term — particularly oil and gas drilling on federal lands.

  • Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, seen here Dec. 2 on CBS' "Face the Nation," probably won't step down until after all the budget issues that remain in the wake of the "fiscal cliff" deal are resolved. (Associated Press)

    Questions abound as Obama restocks his Cabinet

    President Obama will begin his second term with a much different leadership team than his first four years, with several of the key chairs in his Cabinet room yet to be filled.

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  • EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson said the next round of mileage standards "will accelerate the environmental benefits, health protections and clean technology advances over the long-term."

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  • "We will continue to work with automakers, environmentalists and other stakeholders to encourage standards that reduce our addiction to foreign oil, save money for American drivers and clean up the air we breathe," said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson in a statement last week.

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